911 - Flight 77 into Pentagon
EBTX tenders a solution

've been looking into this really screwy event recently and find it to be most puzzling ... more so than the other crashes of 911. So much is goofy that even though the official story doesn't square up with the facts ... neither do any of the other proposed solutions. There is always something amiss. Here's my best shot given what's currently known. This could change pending new info that may be forthcoming as freedom of information act requests are filled or new disinformation is passed by the government.

Here's a pic of what is current. The government's position that a plane hit the light poles and knocked them down is fading fast. It isn't supported by some eyewitnesses ... most notably two Pentagon police officers who say (while dressed in their official Pentagon uniforms) that the plane's flight path took it to the north of the Citgo gas station which precludes it knocking down the light poles along the government's proposed path. If these officers are lying, they are doing so at the behest of Pentagon officials which proves that someone in the government is attempting to structure the event to cover up something or misdirect those who are looking into the event. If they are telling the truth, it proves that someone in the government is trying to cover up something also because it contradicts the light poles being knocked down, i.e. if the plane didn't go there, the light poles must have been knocked down manually ... or ... there was another plane or whatever.

Click here for Video of Pentagon Police Account
Here for an Account of the Flight Data Recorder Info

Either way, there is something terribly amiss. The police officers cannot possibly be mistaken on this. It is too simple a recollection. They are ether telling the truth or outright lying ... there is no middle ground. These police officers state that they saw the plane (a large, two engine airliner) crash into the Pentagon while they watched from the Citgo station and a parking lot behind it. Yet the flight data recorder indicates that the plane must have overflown the Pentagon because it was too high to hit it at the moment it passed over the freeway. And the hole in the Pentagon is still too small to be consistent with an airliner crash of that magnitude. Some believe that a well-timed explosion occurred just as the plane went over the Pentagon giving the illusion of a crash.

What a mess the whole thing has become. It seems as though objective reality is on trial here as much as human objectivity because nothing seems to make any sense at all.

What you could see of the crash

Here's a crude animation of the plane hitting the Pentagon wall. I wanted to see how long you get to watch the event before it's over. Some witnesses have really elaborate accounts of the actual impact. They seem to see too much.

At about 500 mph, this particular airplane would have covered it's own length in about two tenths of a second. So, I cut the image up into quarters and advanced them through the wall at 5/100 seconds per frame. The plane therefore disappears into the building in 2/10ths seconds.

How much could you observe in that time period?

My opinion is that you could easily detect if the plane went over the Pentagon instead of into it. Our eyes are equipped to accurately detect things that happen down to about 1/20th of a second. That is why 3-Card Monte guys on the street in NYC are successful. When they move the three cards around and exchange places quickly, you can't follow whether the one card goes over or under the other card. That happens is about 1/20th of a second ... but ... since it's right on the cusp of being followed ... you, the dupe, think that you can follow the movement and are willing to put your twenty bucks down and bet on the misdirection. Of course, you lose every time you bet on where you really think the card is. Your chances of guessing right are ... zero. However, if you know what I just told you ... you will try to follow the cards and when you think you know which card is right ... you don't pick that one on purpose (because you understand that that's the one he wants you to pick). So, you pick one of the other two and your odds suddenly go from zero to even steven. Get it? You can't win but you just might break even until he figures what you're doing and randomizes his game giving you now one chance in three :o(

My present conjecture is ...

1) That an airplane crashed into the Pentagon with hardly any fuel aboard ... not flight 77 (which landed at another airport) but some other remotely controlled plane painted up to look like American Airlines which is airborne at the same time as flight 77. At about 500 mph ... very fast. Upon crashing, pre-positioned charges in the Pentagon are set off to simulate damage to the interior of the building. The light poles were knocked down the previous night. The traffic jam is staged outside of the Pentagon and is "salted" with "pre-selected" witnesses (and if all goes well, real witnesses see just about the same thing).

Or ...

2) Flight 77 goes over the Pentagon and then pre-positioned charges are set off to simulate a crash. Flight 77 lands and the passengers are "dispatched" and the plane disposed of elsewhere.


The mess presented by the situation here indicates to me some sort of screwup or personal machinations going on that interferred with the event, i.e. they were engaged in some sort of internal power play which adversely affected the timing of their plan. I think that Rumsfeld was afraid that Cheney had decided to get rid of him in the crash and Rummy was defending himself ... at the planning stage. Remember ... Rumsfeld was thrown to the dogs by the powers that be, i.e. he's no longer Secretary of Defense. Usually, they would kill someone that didn't fit in. However, they know Rummy has information set to be delivered to honest people incriminating Cheney, Bush and others ... if ... he dies in "mysterious" circumstances. So, he was only set aside by the ruling cabal rather than killed outright. He was ousted from the cabal because he questioned Cheney's intentions implicitly by refusing the plan which Rummy saw as ending up in his being killed in the Pentagon attack.

Here's the plan

Cheney proposes that the plane crash into the Pentagon while Rumsfeld is there. Rummy smells a rat because he is at odds with Cheney and-or Bush over something specific or just in general. Rummy figures that Cheney will whack him instead of crashing the building at another spot. So, Rum decides that he should set charges in the building and down the lightpoles in advance of the crash to insure that Cheney will not redirect the plane into his office. This pisses off Cheney (a stone-cold murderer). He's miffed about Rummy not trusting him (even though he knows Rummy is right 'cause he's really planning on whacking him for the sake "realism").

Now, the plot is getting complicated. Instead of just simply ramming the airplane into the Pentagon (Rummy's turf), we have to have an elaborate, timed setup to insure that Rummy feels safe. Understand that there is no reason not to just ram the plane into the Pentagon and let the chips fall where they may. That would be just fine. Let the remote piloted jet ram it and work out the bodies later. The physical evidence would be logically consistent without any cover up at that level. Note here that a remote piloted plane may be necessary because of the target being small (the same may have been true in the WTC case). Leaving the "big event" in the hands of amateur pilots is taking a big chance on a mission that's several years and tens of million of dollars in the planning.

But "DICK" can't just "let it go". He has to get in the last word. So, as the plane is approaching the Pentagon, he orders it to come out of the North right at Rummy's head so as to say to Rummy ... "I can kill you anytime I want, you bastard". Rummy sweats a little and gets the message but knows that since he controls his own turf, he can be confident that Cheney won't jeopardize the entire project by bringing the plane into the north side while internal charges blow off the Pentagon's south side and Rummy's operatives have already knocked down the lightpoles there ... and ... all the witnesses have been set up to say that a plane went into the south side.

So, at the last moment, Cheney orders the plane to be redirected back to the south side where it was supposed to come from. Unfortunately, the turn is too tight and the plane can't make it. It doesn't line up with the lightpoles and internal damage of the set charges. What to do? Here comes the impossible coverup. It's not working. All they can hope for is to drag it out till people forget ... like the Kennedy assassination.

Additional Items that I haven't seen talked about on the net

The holes in the pentagon wall are circular. All things being equal, holes made by a cylindrical object (airplane fuselage) into a flat wall should result in an ellipse when the angle of attack into the wall goes from perpendicular (making a circle) to acute with eccentricity proportional to that angle of attack. Hence, in the government's official flight path, we should have an elliptical entrance at the E ring and another elliptical exit on the C ring where the horizontal diameter is about 1.414 times as wide as the vertical height of the holes because the plane entered the building at about a 45o angle.

Also, since the plane allegedly entered at that 45o angle (maybe 55o), the crash velocity into the wall is weakened by about 30%. That is, if the plane were going 500 mph, its collision velocity vector with the wall would be (all other things being equal) about 350 miles per hour. Thus, the left wing should have collided with the wall at 350 mph perpendicular to the wall and 350 mph parallel to the wall ... meaning that it would have broken off and slid down the wall possibly intact. Where is it?

On the other hand, if the plane actually hit at the angle suggested by the flight data recorder, it might have disintegrated enough to avoid detection in smoky pics taken that day. I doubt it though. I'm tending to think that no plane hit the Pentagon ... just flew over and then ... explosions from preset charges.

Some suggest that the crash took place just like the official line says and that they have videos ... to show us ... when the time comes to discredit the 911 truth movement. I think that this ascribes too much foresight to the "enemy". They aren't that smart else they would be living constructive lives instead of the life of a criminal. Also, as a philosophical matter, one should not ascribe great power to one's enemies as it tends to be a gross overestimate ... after all, it is they who fear the most. They fear reason, justice and liberty far more that we should fear evil.