Stupid Airport Security

ere in Texas at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, new security procedures have been enacted like those of other American and European airports. Taken as a whole, these security measures constitute nothing more than a variant of what I have described elsewhere as "Social Masterbation".

The idea here is to "jerk" everybody off to the tune of terrorism. When one accepts the inane demands of these security experts ... it is equivalent to kneeling before them and sucking their cocks. They know it ... and ... so do you when you unzip your bags for inspection. For ... the inspection of a woman's purse ostensibly to check for the tools of a terrorist (after it has passed through an impersonal x-ray machine), is equivalent, psychologically, to "panty sniffing".

They are not looking to expose a terrorist plot ... they are looking to expose your buttocks (or vagina) to penetration ... thus confirming their dominance and ... therefore ... their importance.

A month ago, at Six Flags Over Texas, I was required to remove the little knife thingy from my keychain (which I need to open those heavy plastic coverings on many products and just about anything else) ... because ... I could slash a throat with it! ... while going on rides with my grandsons! ... I threw it on the ground saying "Here, you pick it up, you stole it.". I could have gotten it back but who wants to stand in queue for thirty minutes to obtain an 80 cent item?

The kid whose job it was to take such things wasn't aware of the psycho-sexual meaning of such 'thefts'. These things are not that easy to figure out in the first place. One does so by pondering the alternatives such as:

  • If I really wanted to kill people, why not just bring an AK47 ... throw it over the 8 foot wall to an accomplice ... then ... mow 'em down at the merry go round?
  • Nobody was hijacking airplanes before September 11th from the terminal in order to "take them over" for use as a missile. After the cockpit door was secured by a sturdy padlock ... that possibility was forever removed. Why the extra security now to prevent the now impossible?
  • It has been noted many times before that if terrorists really wanted to bring down airplanes, all they have to do is shoot them down with stinger missiles when they land. They are, after all, defenseless sitting ducks.
Sitting ducks - the math

There are at least several hundred international airports. Are there several hundred suicide bombers? Possibly.

Terrorists are known to have access to stinger type missiles. Why not smuggle them into countries with a suicide "shooter" and set a time and date? When it comes, each terrorista camps under the end of the runway ... wait a minute ...

What's the range of a stinger missle?

My guess is at least 1/2 a mile ... 2500 feet. If so, he could stand anywhere in an area about 5-10 square miles near the end of the runway where the plane is a sitting duck, fire the round at the appointed time and suddenly there are 100 airplane crashes ... 20,000 dead passengers and crew ... and ... the entire airline industry comes to a screeching and PERMANENT halt ... most of the suicide shooters get away.

Do you think Osama doesn't know this?

Of course he does ... but ... he's realized the outcome ... which must necessarily be


of a terrible type as I have speculated on earlier. The WTC is the most he thought he could get away with. He was wrong, of course.

He's not the first clown to mistake America's true motivation ... which is ... to enjoy their own existence without caring about what troubles other countries are drowning in. America didn't pull out of Somalia because of fear ... it left because it really didn't care in the first place and was just paying lip to its Christian morality ("help the less fortunate") as it is want to do from time to time ... to convince itself that it is not really hedonistic but rather a "holy country" with perfect altruistic intentions ... yada yada yada ... but "We really don't mean for anyone to die!"

Well, I agree with the enjoyment part ... but not the lip service. I don't need that crap.

The greatest damage done to the airlines ...

Was ... and IS being done by these security psycho-sexual lunatics.

Possibly to be exceeded by the lawyers who may cite with great exuberance, the failure of the airlines to show omniscience.
Somebody forgets to check a bag and they call all the passengers back off the plane to "rescreen". Etc, etc, etc. You know the drill ... the horror stories of needless delays and insults heaped upon the public in the name of social masterbation.

Now we got a "shoe bomber" ... a literal "Nike missile".

So don't be surprised if you have somebody demand that you take off your shoe for "inspection" ... visually ... and by Old Yeller ... to see if you made a Claymor mine out of your wingtips.

God help us if some terrorista

shoves a stick of dynamite up his ass

The body cavity inspection station, aka B.C.I.S. ... brought to you by Tronolane ... "Bend over, John Q. Public ... it's for homeland security".