The Shape of Things to Come

have grave concerns about the way in which this whole terrorist thing is being played out. What we are doing may lead to a much worse situation somewhere down the road. Perhaps only a few decades away.

What can be said about the denial of obvious fact in this case? Namely, that the attack is bred and sanctioned by an entire culture called "Islam".

That this is factually true is indicated by the enormous approval rating given to it by the Islamic people at large. While a significant percentage of them DO NOT approve of terrorist shenanigans, those who do add up to a very high percentage. And that is the bone of contention.

How much, percentage-wise, is sufficient to blame the entire culture and hold them all accountable as the culpable warranters of the deed? I cannot say quantitively but I personally hold them responsible because that percentage is clearly large ... much more than constituting a simple "extremist offshoot" ... and very vocal ... while the opposite "peaceful" opinion is all but inaudible (thereby seeming to give tacit approval).

To me, this indicates that "fundamentalism" (the root philosophical cause of the deed) is the new direction in which Islam is headed ... and ... that the "silent" majority (if in fact they still constitute the majority) has accepted that new direction and no longer seeks to actively oppose it (which in itself is an indicator of minority status).

Any culture is like an amoeba. Parts move out this way or that and the rest follows. Fundamentalism is the new "foot" of this particular amoeba and is setting both the direction and pace of movement. The rest of the amoeba is just following along. Those who willingly follow, and remain part of that animal, are culpable for the deeds and misdeeds of the whole.

Islam is Guilty of a Great Crime against America

Yet it does not acknowledge it forthrightly. Nor are American politicians up to facing the consequences of "naming the thing done" without hedging.

Imagine the president's quandary. If he says that Islam is responsible for the WTC, what prospect must he then confront? He must attack the culture of Islam itself in retaliation. However, as all politicians do when confronted with the "awful", the president has chosen to "punt" ... to pass off the problem to unnamed future generations ... to get through the crisis more or less intact ... without a real and permanent solution.

He does so by saying that this is not a war against Islam ("One of the world's great religions." !!). He does not acknowledge the obvious fact of the approval that the culture as a whole has given the act. Nor can he acknowledge that Islam is NOT what is contained in the Qu'ran, but is rather what is in the minds of those who call themselves Muslims. The Qu'ran is just a static document. A culture has a dynamic and is constantly changing ... sometimes for worse as is the case here.

One could as well make the case that the New Testament is Christianity ... but ... a few centuries ago, true Christianity was a similar brutal and murderous changeling. It has since mutated back into something less overtly terrible. I am saying that a culture is what it is ... right now ... it is not to be defined by something in an old book ... or ... by any other sort of wishful thinking.

So, what is to come?

The Palestinian-Jewish problem is a microcosm. Fifty years of "peace talks" and ... nothing. Same killing, different date. Clearly, such talks are a waste of time and words. Cultures which are incompatible are destined to "fight to the death" ... or ... until one or the other "mutates" into something less irritable.

Or ... the mutation can be "helped" along by a healthy dose of reality. What Islam needs now is sharp disciplinary action, i.e an unapologetic punch in the mouth.

In lieu of the above,

What I see for the future is an Arab nation acquiring nuclear weapons which are then put under the direction of "clerics" who decide insanely to wage a "jihad" against America for the terrible wrongs we've committed against them (like the imposition of international free market principles). We will lose a city or two and the then president will be forced into taking severe remedial action. Get it?

What is reality? Right now.

Reality now is the nuclear arsenal of the United States compared to the total absence of anything comparable in the hands of things Islamic.

We have everything ... they have nothing.

Yet, it is they who bluster. A flea attacks the dog. And we ... the "big" dog ... cower in fear of the horrible fact that "We might hurt their feelings" if we insult their religion.

But wait, that's not the whole of it.

If we call their religion what it truly is, we must confront the other aspect of the case which is even more horrible ...

It is this.

Christianity is equally as worthless as Islam. If we destroy "the Profit" in the eyes of his worshippers, we attack and destroy religion IN GENERAL. A direct attack (physical or philosophical) on Islam would serve to undercut Christianity as well ... and ... Americans haven't the sand for that. Without the teething ring of Christianity to suck on, we shall all be lost.

Hell, we'd have to ... give up these foolish things ... and ... take up ...

The Responsibilities of a Man