Ariel Sharon
Secret Head of Hamas

've downgraded the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from high tragedy-drama to comic farce. Whatever happens there from here on in will be for me a source of levity. The reason is that I have discovered that Ariel Sharon is actually running Hamas (the Islamic terror group).

How did I come upon this knowledge?

I reasoned it out ... flawlessly ... so ... it must ... be ... true ... eh?

Here is the logic - check it out

1) No one [Palestinian or Israeli] could possibly fail to understand that Sharon went to the Temple on the Mount in order to goad the Palestinians into open revolt (the intifada). This was known by all, publicly, even then.

2) That the Jews intend to and are taking over all of Palestine is also known to all ... especially the Palestinians.

3) The Israelis have overwhelming military superiority ... again, known to all since the six day war.

4) With the above in mind, all that Sharon could hope for is coming to pass. Hamas does exactly what he wants them to. He trades a few Israeli lives (about 1 per day) to justify taking all the West Bank and Gaza and anything else in the area.

5) Conclusion: Sharon pulls the strings of Hamas and any other "group" which is supposedly uni-laterally attacking the Jews. That's why Arafat can't get them to stop. They answer to Sharon.

Note (pasted from Google search for "samah hebrew"): The Hebrew word rendered "rejoice" is samah ... or, if you will, the opposite of Hamas (word for the super-secret group probably picked by Sharon when Israeli Defense Minister ... because ... the Jews will surely rejoice when the Promised Land is returned to them - complete - as it was given to them - by God - because they are - the Chosen People - of course - who would doubt that?).

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...
when first we practice to deceive"

Does this not make sense?

Some objections:

But the bombers are suicidal Palestinians ...
True enough. Hamas recruits what amounts to ... zombies who will not question the logic of the decision to suicide-bomb Israaeli civilians. It works. These suckers really think that what they are doing is authorized by "heroic, never-give-up" Palestinian leaders. Sure.

Sharon is a man of honor ...
... They all said ... in Sabra ... Shatilla ...

It doesn't make any sense ...
But fifty years of struggling to solve the issue does? Nothing ever takes fifty years. This is being dragged out ... intentionally ... for some reason ... hmmmmmm.

Sharon wouldn't butcher his own people ...
OK ... yeah, ya' got me there ;o)

It's a comedy  ;o)
Not a Tragedy  :_(