The Proper Use of the Sniper
the cure for Iraqi looting

he US army has finally given me something to be proud of these past few weeks. They fought with a boldness and decisiveness that I thought they had forgotten about. In Vietnam they were indecisive, and in the Gulf War they were techno wimps afraid to get more than a blister or paper cut. Now they are killing with the true abandon of focused killers. That's just what I want to see in an army.

They got the job done as swiftly as possible (which for the benefit of the anti-war mongers is the true road to "least suffering"). Some day they might add up the dead bodies of the civilians and then weigh, in the other balance, all the victims of Saddam who were NOT killed in the future because his regime is gone ... and they might also throw in all the suffering of the people of Iraq who really don't want an emperor who won't suffer in the future because he isn't there anymore.

It's good to see some members of the armed forces KIA in real fighting. This is what maintains their "esprit de corps". Without death in combat, there can be no courage ... there is nothing to gauge it by. Without a definite element of courage the vocation of combat for one's beliefs is "just another job". That just won't do.

I was delighted to see the partying in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad. It was a righteous blowout. Good work all 'round. Congratulations to all who fought and ... yes ... it's too bad they didn't put up a better fight. There just wasn't enough war to go around. Tough break there for the B-team.

Unfortunately, the Iraqis are still basically animals ...

As evidenced by the killing of their holy men in their main mosque in the very holy city of An Najaf. It's so holy here that they don't want any westerners within 500 yards of it. But ... this didn't stop them from hacking them to death there. These people are maybe 400 years behind the western culture. As I recall, Thomas a'Becket was butchered similarly in an English church about 800 years ago.

We also have all that looting. Well, from what I saw they weren't looting by western standards. None of the stuff I saw them take would have interested me even if it was free (w/free delivery). It was just mostly ... junk. It was more like a kind of "messy spring cleaning" ... now they need to dust. This brings us to the purpose of this page ...

How to stop the disorder caused by the 'looting'

And the simple solution is called


Yes, folks a simple bullet here and there would do it. As is always the case in war, violence is the solution. And ... it isn't even necessary to get really violent. One needn't actually kill anyone at all (well maybe a few dunderheads).

Here's the poop.

Set up three man teams on rooftops. One sniper with night vision goggles of course. Two spotters who look for targets. There is a protocol.

  • Spot the malfactor
  • Determine sex and age
  • Mutually confirm with spotters and sniper
  • Check the days permits
  • Take the shot

Each day a certain number of 'hits' are allowed by Centcom. They determine the areas of most disorder and authorize the shooting of each looter. So they have to be radio'd about each take down. In all probability, the hits would be restricted to men of sufficient age that they ought to know better.

We're using low caliber .22 bullets and will be aiming for the fat of the thigh for least damage. When the malfactor is hit, he drops his pilferred chair and drops to the ground in pain. Others around him realize that they are being targeted by an American sniper whom they have been warned about - "If you loot, we shoot".

In leaflets dropped, they are warned about snipers who will shoot them in the leg and where to go for medical assistance. Also, they are informed about how to exit the sniper's killing ground without being harmed - "Put down your loot, raise your hands above your head and leave the area"

These people cannot challenge a sniper. Even hardened soldiers will not venture into a sniper's killing ground. They have to go through a tactical routine for dislodging snipers. And ... the snipers are backed up by the army. There is nothing for the Iraqi looters to do but quit the area. And ... one sniper with a few good spotters can cover a great deal of ground especially a sniper who doesn't even have to hide.

This could be made lethal but I don't think it would be necessary given the amount of resistance put up by the regular army. Which is to say ... they generally run away in the face of certain, forceful response. One need only apply it a few times and the issue is resolved. I doubt that one would have to shoot more than 50 Iraqis in the leg to end the whole thing in Baghdad. And at night, the sniper would only have to put the red spot (laser targeting) on a leg or head and the looter would pee his pants.

What's the problem? ... lack of imagination on the part of military planners in regard to pre and post game play.

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