Date : 04/13/04
Summing Up
the Iraq mess

ong, long ago on a planet far, far away ... hmmmm ... let's just stick to the Earth though this would apply anywhere ... Nature, in its wisdom, deigned to separate male and female. At every level of life where this separation occurs, there is a clear reason for doing so. Humanity is certainly no exception.

For us, the rationale for separation is the aggressive style of the male (needed to deal with external reality) and the more internal, motherly style of the female (to deal with the requirements of an extended childhood). It is "division of labor". These two groups specialize thereby making the entire process of existence more viable.

The key point here is that to lead a successful, long term existence ... both pieces of the puzzle are absolutely necessary. Suppressing one in favor of the other may look fine at the moment but, inevitably, must lead to ruin for all. Nature requires the balanced approach in the long term.

This is just what is not present in Iraq

or, any other Arab nation on the planet ...

The primary problem here is not just religious fundamentalism (that's the excuse). The root is the unbalanced, primitive, Arab culture which relegates the female to almost complete obscurity. The women over there are scarcely more than draft animals and baby factories. As a result, the male has gone "berserk". It is a testosterone driven civilization ... doomed to inevitable failure by natural law.

The reason they have gone berserk over there is the pressure put on them by Western civilization (most definitely NOT Christianity which is a minor element of same). The big problem that Arabs have with our civilization is that ... it is successful. It successfully produces, on a dependable and continuing basis, the material means of living on the Earth. The Islamic culture cannot do this. They must import ideas from the west to feed their population. Hence, Muslim people are exposed to Western ideas of all sorts and ... inevitably ... a small percentage of them from every generation ... actively chooses to emulate the West. This is to be expected and wouldn't cause a major problem ... if ... as many Westerners fled their civilization to enroll themselves in the mysteries of Islam.

Obviously, idea-wise, Islam is hemmorrhaging to death over time. They are losing out to the West. They are forfeiting their identity as a distinct people (a process that would be objectionable to any large group of people anywhere at any time in the Earth's history). It is expected. The outward manifestation of the above is ...

Islamic fundamentalism.

Here, the identity of these people (that which makes them unique and therefore important to themselves), is exaggerated by focusing the attention on same and decrying its alloy with Western values. The objective of such fundamentalism is to restore that which is being lost and separate it out from all "that chaff". Of course, it is difficult to convince people that they should cook with camel dung instead of electricity and pray to Allah instead of taking their sick child to the Western style hospital for a Western "objective" cure.

This "ploy" in the long run cannot succeed. It is impossible by the laws of nature, for man (in the long term) to choose to remain ignorant.

Fundamentalist Islamic culture is ...

A) Subhuman ... because, as humanity progresses the bar is raised for those qualities required to be considered human.

And, if one severely lags behind the rest of the world for long ... one descends (relatively) to a lower level by dint of remaining stationary in an always improving world.

B) Degenerate ... because, they have chosen to do so by a conscious act of will.

To choose to go against nature, to choose to have less than the best possible condition for one's culture is to "degenerate" to that lower level by dint of "moral failure".

What can we do?

We must defend ourselves against their acts of depravity of course ... but this is not the required cure for their condition. They need to be attacked at the fundamental, philosophical level ... for the individual is but the vessel of the philosophy that "grew" him. To change the individuals that grows there, we must alter their philosophy. It is not Islam itself that must be changed. Rather, it is the historic, Arab culture of male domination and their subsequent berserk behavior in the face of pressure to change.

One must speak the specific words (over and over in every situation) which apply to their condition. One must continually point out the "unbalanced" nature of their culture and forcefully demand that they include women in mainstream Islamic culture. They sense that this is true as well as we know it. They just need it to be pointed out. They "need" to be understood and directed to proper goals, i.e. "instructed by their betters".

It is not something that will come easily in quick time. It will take several decades at least. Until then, it is an ongoing management problem. The alternative is to engage them in warfare at every turn. And if they should acquire nuclear weapons (and use them) ... we shall be required to dispose of them wholesale ... not a pleasant thought to any advanced culture.

Blowing them up is like erasing a problem on a blackboard.
Philosophically instructing them is like solving that problem.
It will necessarily come to one or the other ... solve or erase.

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