The Cutting Edge of Terrorism
why it's usually the government

his is an important example in the study of terrorism and it's practice by governments ... (I didn't realize how important it was till the other day ... previously I thought it was just amusing).

Suppose there are two guys fighting in a tall building. They're on camera. You see them as they flail about in a room with a panoramic view of the city below. Eventually guy "A" throws guy "B" out the window and he falls to his death. Since the evidence is all on camera ... what is A's defense in court when he's charged with murder? Obviously, B was trying to commit suicide and A was just trying to prevent it. But, alas, he failed to prevent B from jumping (or falling) out the window.

This isn't all that laughable. Sometimes you can't tell what's happening in real life just by looking at the "facts". Consider the following real world example.

Putin Whacks the Apartments

Watch this video if you don't believe what you're reading here. [If it doesn't load use Google's video search function to find it]

Assassination of Russia

In this example, Vladimir Putin ... who wants to be head of state in Russia and who is then head of the Russian secret service ... uses his henchmen (FSB) to blow up a half dozen or so apartment buildings ... killing hundreds of Russians then blaming it on the Chechens. (Alexander Litvinenko, who accused Putin of being responsible, got the infamous polonoium 210 poisoning as his reward for exercising free speech.)

Of course, this is well known crap of the regular kind. What's interesting is the manner in which the bombings stopped. On the last attempt, an alert and honest Russian cop, noticed two men off-loading three big bags of "something" from a car trunik which they then deposited into the basement of some dilapidated apartment building ... understand that everybody is jittery about apartments blowing up at that time. So, he calls it in as suspicious. Investigators arrive and find the three bags of "stuff" in the basement connected to a detonator & timer. Because the plate number on the car seen by the honest cop had part of it pasted over with a paper number, the investigation eventuallly led to an attempt to arrest the perpetrators two days later.

At this time, the FSB asserted that the entire event was just an "exercise" by two of its own operatives and that really there was no bomb ... it was just sugar in the bags. OK ... so the people who were witnesses said that the "sugar" didn't look like sugar to them and the detonator looked real to the police bomb squad ... hmmmmmm. Later, there's a thing on Russian TV that had an audience "unfriendly" to the version of events as related by the FSB. Facts were witheld by citing "national security", i.e. the "sugar" and detonator were unavailable for public scrutiny. Needless to say, freedom of speech in Russia subsequently slipped back into the Stalinist era and nothing was ever heard of again.

Did Putin murder his own people to underight the second war against the Chechens? Of course. But look what's up here. It's like the first hypothetical example I gave. When a government runs a terrorist operation against its own people, they can claim it to be "just an exercise" if something goes wrong ... or ... what's more common ... they run an exercise along with the actual crime as the mirror study, i.e. you can use either real or sham or combination to explain any event that doesn't fit quite right and create confusion and uncertainty in the minds of the people (witnesses). For instance, if an operative gets caught, you can say he was part of the "exercise" and get him away from questioners thereby avoiiding possible inconsistencies in the story or to obscure the inconsistencies.

That's what Blair and Bush did with their terrorist acts

When the London tubes are being bombed, there is an "exercise" going on at that very time ... coincidentally ... exactly like the real thing that's happening at the same time.

When the WTC towers go down, there are air force "exercises" going on at the same time practicing the same scenario that is presently occurring ... coincidenatlly. In all government terrorist operations you can expect (and predict) these incredible.coincidences. This isn't a new observation but it sure is consistent from one event to another. Apparently, they figure the odds of getting caught in the enterprise is fairly high ... so ... fix it so that when you get caught ... you get away with it anyway. This is the cutting edge of terrorism ... if you succeed - success! ... if there are moderate screwups - success! ... if you fail miserably - success!.

Very slick.

The next attack on the United States will be chock full of coincidences ... ...

You can bet your life on it

PS ... I expect some kind of nuclear attack ... less than a week before November 4, 2008, ... dirty bomb or small suitcase nuke that Roosky's made. Hint: Washington wil not be attacked ;o) ... maybe Disneyland or some such vacation-kiddy place ... 50,000+ dead & 100,000 injured ... then King George II will remain in power during the "crisis" so that martial law can be smoothly instituted ... elections temporarily suspended of course ... for the good of the country ... which is foremost in his mind. At that time we will all need to "come together" to face the terrorists ... so that the American way of life will not "perish from the earth" ... "let us now bow our heads and prey" (upon our fellow man ;o) ... yada, yada, yada.

That's the time when the internet will be brought under state control ... freedom of speech abolished. It has to happen this way for "them" to succeed. Expect it.