The True Face of Islam
This is your future

his isn't the only story like this ... just the most recent. Here you see what people will do when caught up in a religious fervor, trying to blot out the guilt of having given up the autonomy of their own minds ... the only thing of great value to an individual human being. They've become part of a rampaging herd killing with the hot frenzy of masturbation.

This what Islam is morphing into ... mindless, primitive, everything disgusting and un-civilized ... everything I don't want to be. It is Bushido all over again ... a marshall philosophy ... destined to be put down by force of arms.

Lest anyone forget, let me remind you of the difference between "regular Americans" and muslim Americans. It is this:

If the average regular American found out that Osama binLaden was hiding in his basement, he would trip over his own feet as he raced to the nearest telephone to call 911, the FBI, the CIA, the State Police, the National Guard ... anyone at all to come and arrest him.

However, a muslim American would do nothing ... could do nothing. Perhaps he would be torn by guilt ... but he would do nothing and hope that his burden would pass quickly. For, you see, Osama is the defacto head of the Islamic religion ... not some Mullah or Ayatollah. Osama represents the true face of Islam as it is "becoming". He is at the forefront of where Islam is heading. He is their ... leader.

LAGOS, Nigeria - Angry mobs stabbed and set fire to bystanders Thursday in rioting that erupted after a newspaper suggested Islam's founding prophet would have approved of the Miss World beauty pageant. At least 50 people were killed and 200 injured.
Over mere words - EBTX

"A lot of people died. We don't know yet exactly how many ... more than 50," said Emmanuel Ijewere, the president of the Nigerian Red Cross. Street demonstrations began Wednesday with the burning of an office of ThisDay newspaper in Kaduna after it published an article questioning Muslim groups that have condemned the Miss World pageant, to be held Dec. 7 in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. Muslim groups say the pageant promotes sexual promiscuity and indecency.
And therefore mass murder is justified? - EBTX

"What would (the prophet) Muhammad think? In all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from among them (the contestants)," Isioma Daniel wrote in Saturday's article. The newspaper ran a brief front-page apology on Monday, followed by a more lengthy retraction on Thursday, saying the offending passage had run by mistake.
This is the "offense" for which murder is the "holy" solution. - EBTX

In Thursday's rioting, more than 50 people were stabbed, bludgeoned or burned to death and 200 were seriously injured, Ijewere told The Associated Press. At least four churches were destroyed, he said. Many of the bodies were taken by Red Cross workers and other volunteers to local mortuaries. Many people remained inside homes that were set afire by the demonstrators, Ijewere said. Shehu Sani of the Kaduna-based Civil Rights Congress said he watched a crowd stab one young man, then force a tire filled with gasoline around his neck and burn him alive. Sani said he saw three other bodies elsewhere in the city.
Picture your child with a tire around his neck being burned alive - EBTX

Alsa Hassan, founder of another human rights group, Alsa Care, said he saw a commuter being dragged out of his car and beaten to death by protesters. Schools and shops hurriedly closed as hordes of young men, shouting

"Allahu Akhbar,"
or "God is great,"

ignited makeshift street barricades made of tires and garbage (The young men were the garbage - EBTX ;o), sending plumes of black smoke rising above the city. Others were heard chanting,

"Down with beauty"
and "Miss World is sin."

There is no place for God in the life of man - EBTX

This is where Islam is going. How do you like it? If the muslims were in the majority here how do you think you would fair? Do you think they would be contrite, apologetic, introspective, thoughtful individuals? Or ...

Mindless Robots ?

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