Tacit Approval of Terrorism

he behavior of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries indicates that they fundamentally approve of bin Laden type terrorist activities. They say that they decry the attacks yet ...

  • They make no military effort to counter terrorist activities

    I find this incredible. The Saudis have a significant, well-trained air force (bought from America). No Arab state in the past has had any qualms about attacking its neighbors. Why are they so squeamish?

  • They voice no significant opposition to the terrorist's intention to destroy the Saudi royal family

    One would think that they would be interested in physically destroying such a direct and palpable threat to their power. They express no such interest. Perhaps they believe that the Americans will do it for them?

  • They even refuse to allow American Air Force jets to land on their "sacred" ground.

    It was OK to be there during "Desert Storm" when there was a direct threat from Iraq but now ... with a direct threat to them from the terrorists it's not acceptable?

  • They have contributed nothing to the "relief effort" after the attacks

    In their never ending efforts to protect innocent Islamic Americans from backlash, newspeople overlook an obvious balm which could be applied to this problem ... just show the American people a list of all the prominent Arab billionaires, millionaires, and even middle class Arab citizens who have contributed to the WTC relief funds. Why don't they do this? ... Because there are no contributors ... because ...

  • They are most likely "in" on it.

    That is, these actions have occurred with the tacit approval of the Saudi Government. It may be that Osama bin Laden has been thrown out of Saudi Arabia as a feint to conceal his ongoing real connection to the Saudi government. They just say they've disowned him (with his consent) so as to throw off suspicion. Osama, for his part, threatens to "destroy the Saudi royal family" to further distance himself from that real connection.

    That the Saudi government actually promotes Osama's terrorism would explain all the above problems at once. These people should not be trusted any farther than one can throw a double-humped camel.