Little Lord Fauntleroy Army
Ready to Pat Down America

president now wants to have the regular army at his disposal for internal security in his little War on Terror. This is hilarious.

Here we have and enemy who has yet to ...

  • Spray cyanide aerosol on the produce in the supermarket creating havoc in the food supply
  • Shoot down passenger air-liners at 100 airports simultaneously with shoulder fired surface to air missiles
  • Use their pilot's licenses to drop incendiary devices on America's parched forests setting millions of acres afire
  • And a zillion other acts of mayhem that anyone could imagine for which we have absolutely ...

Why don't they do this? Simple. There are very many people like me ... who want the break out the big one. They know viscerally that while they may do us great harm ... we can kill their God. It's the oldest military story of all ... we have more than they in every department ... except the willingness to use it ... but ... that unwillingness can evaporate with a single incident ... and ... they know it.

Now, in this ongoing paean to "homeland", one should remember that the Gestopa was born of such hilarity. The Nazis at their inception were indeed both comical and inept but later matured into an efficient killing machine. This is the insidious goal of all politicians ... "If I only had more power I could really make a difference!" ... which means of course ... "The more power I have the more important I am." Personally, I'd settle for genuine male-enhancement. But then, I don't crave world domination. This is a good job for the army since they can't fight anymore. As I have stated before, they are too precious to risk in actual combat. So, attacking unarmed civilians would probably be more to their liking. They would have much less chance of being hurt and they could always adhere to their new motto ...

"No one is left behind"

Now, I don't wish to be misunderstood here. I mean that the army of the United States is composed of a bunch of quivering pansies. Notice how they hid behind the Afghans in the big terror offensive. What a joke! The war on terror is now over six months old and we have less than ten casualties and half those are friendly fire (Cripe!). I believe they give out now purple hearts for severe back strain.

This is the case with all decaying civilizations.

They don't do their own fighting. They try to get someone else to do it for them. You will soon see the US hire mercenaries in order to keep from "shedding American blood". The government is going to pay its own army to sit on its hands while they pay a foreign army to do the actual fighting as LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE. Wait 'n See ... I guarantee it.

How did the army become pansies?

The method is painfully clear in the movie Blackhawk Down and the almost daily feed of Navy Seal pap put out by the Learning Channel (Discovery? ... one of those).

In the training of Seals we see the ages old technique of self-flagellation first used during the Dark Ages by Christian nuts and perfected this century by Diana Nyad ... punishment as an end in itself. Of course, they say it builds endurance, character ... tests the mettle and desire of all the recruits. It doesn't. It weeds out what it was designed to weed out ... autonomous individuals ... i.e. those with independent minds. Autonomous beings, when asked to do irrational ... and ... painful things ... will ask why and if the answer is inadequate (intellectually) ... they decline. And they go home ... back to the regular army where they sit around for their entire tour and "practice bein' army guys" ... with no hope whatsoever of seeing actual combat.

As I have said elsewhere, if the US Army can't take a personal hand in warfare when unarmed Americans citizens are cut down by the thousands, they will never be deployed ... in principle. Hence, they should be disbanded in favor of a very small army of Marines, the Navy and the Air Force. The army obsoleted itself in Afghanistan ... permanently. It makes no sense to pay for this white elephant anymore ... unless ... they're needed for "Homeland Security". And we all know what 'homeland' means here. Let me translate it into German ... der fodderlahnd, seeg heil!.

This brings us to "Blackhawk Down" (a really great picture, maybe the best army action movie ever). Here you see vividly the result of having a "precious army" ... so precious that even their own dead take precedence over the living. The subsequent withdrawal of American forces from Somalia served to strengthen the opinion in the average American's mind that American lives are much more important than any other living being by virtue of ... what? I can give you an accurate picture in one word of a general who takes the new replacement for "Semper Fidelis" to heart. "No one is left behind" = paralyzed.

What is a soldier?

A soldier is his country's cannon fodder. His life is expendable at some rate of exchange. It is to be spent in securing a military objective.

He is never to be commanded to go to certain death and can never refuse to accept an order to risk his life. Therefore, given these two conditions, if the expected kill rate is greater than 50% he should not be ordered into battle and-or may rightly refuse the order.

This can be an honorable profession if the cause is just. In most cases, the ranks are filled with fools looking for glory who come home instead with half their face shot off. So much for glory.

If you are presently in the army and cannot accept this, you are doing the wrong thing with your life.