No Planes at WTC ??
the evidence is compelling

I made this piece in November 2007. It is now April 2008 and I am leaning away from the No Plane Theory. It's a good working hypothesis but I now think it's probably wrong ... though I won't close the door completely as yet. If actual planes hit the WTC, we are one level up from the worst case scenario (NPT). That's OK with me.

Real planes are a simpler theory.

I don't regard "NPT" as a "wild idea" because the four planes have never been produced. No parts to examine ... no camera tape from the Pentagon ... no one allowed to check what came out of the ground in Shanksville ... the list goes on and on. Deception and duplicity in our government is at the core of all conspiracy theories. That core of evil is genuine and has been there for a very long time.
- EBTX 4/05/08

've been looking over the evidence for the "no planes" hypothesis for the past few weeks and find it all but conclusive. Let me review it for you here. Then you can go and look for yourself. The best place to go on the internet is Look at the eight videos which constitute the series September Clues.

In the first video, they show the nose of the plane that crashed into the second tower. It strikes the building ... goes through it ... and its nose comes out the north side of the south tower intact just as when it went in. After about ten feet of the nose emerges, the screen goes to black and that piece of tape has never been seen again except that it's been archived on the VHS tapes of thousands of Americans. This is clearly a graphics mistake made when the "show" was nearly live (actually 17 seconds later than live). Here's a good link

Ace Baker - Chopper Five composite

I'm not going to go into that particular bit. I agree with their assessment that it's a graphics malfunction and can add nothing to the explanation. However, they made a mistake about the live camera shots of the actual plane that needs to be addressed.

Here it is

The guys who made the commendable "September Clues" assert that the two shots compared above could not be from different vantage points. Indeed, they are ... as can be compared by going to Google Earth and positioning yourself to see those vantage points. It's a little difficult to get to a probable position but you can do it. Then, when you think you are in a reasonable position ... check your elevation in the bottom right hand corner. My best estimates are that the helicopter for the left shot was much higher than the second shot ... by several hundred feet ... and ... it was perhaps 10 to 15 degrees to the east of the first helicopter.

Check the configuration of the circled buildings at right ( from google earth ) with the actual picture. There is some play in this but just take your best guess and check your elevation.

Now, check out the second vantage point with Google Earth

Again, check for the circled building configuration. When you have what seems to be a reasonable match ... check your elevation in the bottom right hand corner of Google Earth.

Now, I readily admit that my guestimates are off the mark somewhat ... but it's fairly obvious that these are not shots from one helicopter. They are two different vantage points. You can also see by looking at WTC building Number 7, that it is displaced relative to the north tower. The vantage point must be moved by perhaps 15 degrees.

Now, do some perspective experiments and you can see why the trajectories don't match at all. It's just a perspective problem. However, this doesn't mean that the planes were real. In fact, they are not.

The 'Missile Path' is the Plane

The barely discernible "smudge" that runs the "high trajectory" to the south tower explosion has no smoke trail ... so, it can't be a missile. Neither can it be a passenger jet because it would be picked up by the camera. After all, a camera doesn't get confused ... it's not a program ... it's just a recorder of whatever is there. Apparently, the passenger jet graphic was supposed to go there ... but the software malfunctioned because of the background confusion. The program couldn't do its operation correctly because of non-uniformity. Since, all of this is keyed to work together ... the operators thought that if the second shot looked good ... so would the first. And they only had time to deal with one shot ... 17 seconds. [Possibly, someone (or program glitch) forgot to take out the background on that live feed ... so, it failed.]

The first question is ... "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" ... was the blast triggered first then the graphics? ... or ... did the graphics operator trigger the blast after setting the graphics up? Obviously, the graphics operator had to set off the blast because ... if ... anything goes wrong and the blast is set off first ... there won't be any plane in the live feed. But if there is a graphics failure, they simply don't send the feed out and no one is the wiser. First, the graphics are made ... then the blast is triggered.

Now, you can see what those bright spots of light are as the plane enters the building.

They are visual markers ... just as there were audio markers in the live feed. Note here that the "light marker videos" are the important videos even though they didn't appear until the next day or later. These are the "convincers". That is, if these videos pass muster, they will convince the people far more strongly than the distant shots of the actual live feed because they have much more detail and show actual penetration, i.e. what good is a porn flick if all you see are side shots that hide beavers and cocks? ;o). Hence, they must be severely scrutinized because they know that these videos will be taken apart frame by frame and pixel by pixel. Such a political-technical-artistic assessment cannot possibly be made in real time. A group of conspirators must debate the merits of the high resolution shots, i.e. will they help or eventually hinder the progress of the plot? There may have been other videos discarded as "not good enough". We see only those that pass muster on someone's list of "conditioning" requirements.

There are two marker flashes ... one on the plane and one on the building. The one on the plane is in the ... to be inserted graphic, i.e. at the end of the graphic "when" and "where" the plane is to hit the tower. The other part is on the building ... and is a stationary video pasted on top of the live feed at the future impact point. This "reflection flash" occurs only when the nose of the plane gets to the building. When the operator sees the two flashes properly coincide, he initiates the explosion. Now, since the flash must be on top of the live feed of the building ... there may be an odd shaped graphics area on the building prior to the flash. That is, there should be a fake area of the south wall of the south tower a little larger than the reflection flash that was pasted on ... camouflaged (perhaps not perfectly) to closely resemble that facade ... waiting for the stationary reflection flash to occur. If the two flashes line up spatially and temporally, the explosion can be initiated ... if not ... then ... not. Don't forget that the flash point is where the real explosives are which make a hole in the facade in the rough shape of the plane. It's got to match. Remember also, if these videos are fake ... the flash is a fake and it must have a purpose. It must definitely be a cue of some sort.

Picture this ... the live feed is routed to the graphics operator who slows it down for a short time. He has inserted the plane graphic and watches the show in slomo. When he sees the flash ... his lights the candle and the building is detonated. The feed then is sent along to its proper destination and the "suckers" see a plane hit the tower on their monitors. Since the signal is delayed 17 seconds to start with ... they have to put the video feed into a loop to make up for the 17 second slowdown. That is, prior to the explosion, the feed played the same thing over ... this is probably initiated by the audio cues. It means ..."Loop for 17 seconds while I set up the graphics in slomo ... then resume and I'll send the signals with the plane graphics in them".

Now ... if the graphics aren't working, the explosion is not set off and the TV channel keeps showing an undamaged building. They work the graphics again and redo until they think they have it right ... then ... it's a go and the live feed integrates with the explosion.

There were several prepared camera positions (GPS pre-positioned to "see" the correct trajectory so that no observation position is contradictory). The plane graphics were prepared for each. The flash pic is the key that activates all the graphics insertions. All those feeds then go out to where the newspeople are watching ... and they ooooh and ahhhhhh over the explosion ... "Oh, the humanity".

This is why you see the "nose in" ... "nose out" picture. Only one or two guys made the "key" decision and he/they couldn't monitor everything in real time. There should be one guy to monitor each different flash picture. This may be a redundancy mechanism ... if one guy chickens out at the last moment, the other guy pushes the plunger. Or, it could be that each flash picture has an operator who decides to send or not send the feed depending on the co-incidence of his flash points as none can go out that don't match. Or, each operator has two buttons ... Go and NoGo. He pushes one and unless all push go ... no explosives are detonated. If only one man decides, he will be the one in charge of the most glorious "facial". At any rate, they wouldn't have noticed the one helicopter that drifted out of position for the shot and caused the nose in - nose out problem.

Clearly, a 3-D program like google earth's was used to set up all the flight paths ... you can be sure that they are all consistent with regard to perspective. All the plane videos were mapped out well in advance so there is no mistake in them. The fact that they appear differently (light, dark or with a belly bulge) may even be a "throw-off" so as to give the conspiracy nuts something to chew on. As long as you're thinking "real planes" ... you are no real threat. Thus, no plane hit either tower and none hit the Pentagon ... and nothing went down in Shanksville except the Bill of Rights.

All the people who say they saw it are paid liars, or, possibly mistaken by the deceptions which were excellent. Remarkable sleight of hand.

Side effects

If the above is true ... there may be a video loop in the archived live videos (Internet Archive 911) that may be detectable. Shifting cameras in the live feed could disguise it but I'd guess some mistakes were made there too. It may be possible for someone with adequate video software to detect, say, smoke patterns in WTC north ... that repeat during the live feed. If a loop could be detected, it would constitute further proof of chicanery.

Also, software might be able to detect the "reflection patch" on the facade of the south wall which is definitely needed for the "money shots".

The planes went at high velocity so as to leave little room for observation. Remember, when you look up in the sky for the jet you hear ... you invariably don't see it right away because you look first in the direction of the sound and the plane is no longer there. I estimate that the plane (if it was real) would have been seen over lower Manhattan for no more than 5 or 6 seconds ... so ... they could say to those who didn't see it ... "You looked to late. By the time you heard it and looked up ... it was already entering the tower". Slick, eh?

I would guess that there may have been audio effects ... very loud ... to attract viewers attention away from the south face of the south tower. A roaring jet sound ... the people look to the south ... then ... look back and the explosion has already gone off in the south tower. You hear the plane ... see its effect on the building ... but no crash itself.

That's why there are paid actors being interviewed by reporters at the scene. They beef up the fake reality with their own eyewitness observations. You can buy lots of acting from 3rd string actors out of work for say ... $1,000,000 apiece. And when their conscience gets to them ... they know they'll be suicided if they tell anyone ... and nobody would believe them anyway. Slick psyop. Best ever done. I have to congratulate them on their workmanship (like a super efficient Nazi crematorium) ...

However, they still need to be arrested for treason ... and hanged.

Check out "" and also the link there to "911taboo parts 1 and 2". Excellent stuff.

Nice work guys
You are the "real detectives"